About Compustrom

Our values

1. Empathy

We put ourselves in the place of people who work with systems on a daily basis (we don't like to call them users) . We understand there needs, problems and possible frustrations to transform it into concrete solutions.

2. Improvement

We constantly seek to improve ourselves by analyzing our practices, we study new platforms and languages to be able to apply them with absolute responsibility, we train and learn from our peers.

3. Responsiveness

Listening makes our practice. It would be a mistake to think that we have everything resolved, on the contrary, our clients, peers and collaborators always have ideas to contribute and that valuable contribution is always welcome.

4. Passion

We are passionate about our work, we create good working atmospheres, we share our knowledge and we are comforted to see that the result of our efforts causes people to simplify their lives or working hours.

5. Honesty

Our proposed solutions will always be related to what we understand is the simplest, most efficient and reaches the needs of the client. We like to say that it is useless to kill a fly with a cannon, but that we seek a balance between appropriate technology and requirements.

Suite of in house tools

We have developed a suite of technological solutions aimed at satisfying integration, regulatory compliance and added value needs for our clients' businesses.

Compustrom Development Framework ®

Over the years, we have implemented a Java backend capable for synchronizing local source code with our development framework, so that the developing system can be run online from a web browser without need to compile the code.


Another advantage it offers is its ability to connect to one or more database instances, allowing it to interact with any relational database technology.


In our latest version, we have included the administration of users, profiles and access permissions to the systems, which can be consulted through microservices.

Compustrom Workflow ®

Organization and technology are the keys to this everyday tool within a modern company.


Our workflow allows you to model administrative circuits and automate the processes of an organization in such a way that everything is included within a pre-established order and hierarchy.


The interaction of the systems with the workflow is carried out by means of microservices that are easy to invoke and operate.