Automotive Insurance

1. Client

SnapCar is an insurance technology company that developed a system that allows insurers companys to obtain information on their driving behaviors and bill according to the use of their vehicle using a mobile app.

2. Requirement & Context

With the objective that SnapCar offers insurance to its clients so that they pay according to use and handling behaviors and thus generate savings of up to 40% compared to standard insurance , it was requested to develop a mobile app that records values of vehicle location and speeds. In a second stage, a new functionality was enabled to report claims.

3. Implemented Solution

A mobile app aimed at customers was developed so that as a condition of coverage they should go down to their cell phone and use each time they use their insured vehicle. This system records location and speeds and send that record asynchronously. Given the large volume of data, a nosql database was implemented for its advantages of flexibility, scalability and high performance.


On the other hand, a web system oriented to the administrative circuits of the company was implemented, a system that exploits the information received from the data of its clients and processes it to later generate invoices and claims reports.

4. Results

The product was sold to one of the most important insurance companies in the Argentine market.